The Art for Change foundation aims to contribute to the exchange of knowledge. Volunteers are welcome to NIAAD in Uganda and KKC in Kenya for short or longer residencies. The type and form of the residence will depend of the need, and the residence must be of mutual value. For volunteers with competence of demand, the foundation may support a travel scholarship in special situations.



The foundation accepts contributions and donations from volunteers who wants to support our work. Contributors will have the opportunity to follow the contribution directly, both through reports and visits. There are no administrational expenses as these are covered by the foundations assets. A scholarship for a student at NIAAD for one year is 700 USD. The school also needs equipment. Donations of portable computers and all types of materials for producing art,

including fabrics are welcome.  

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Financial support

What do you get as a contributor?

Effective use of your donations – no administrative costs

Traceability, reports that presents you contribution to personal and social development

You are invited to visit where the contribution is used (travel and expenses must be covered personally)

A network of people with social engagement

You will be invited to workshops with Affirmative Art









Org. number – 914 935 059
Bank – DNB

Account number - 1503 5678 791
IBAN – NO30 1503 5678 791

Contact Us

Donation $30
The funds will contribute towards students, either as a % for scholarship, or provide students with materials, computers, equipment and more.
In return you as a supporter will get a hand painted art card made by students.
 Donation $700
The funds will provide a scholarship for one student for one year. In return you will get one major art work per year. Depending on the course chosen by the student. Either a fine art work or fashion clothing made by students. You will also be welcomed to visit the academy and learn more about the students and artworks. 



Org. nummer – 914 935 059
Bank – DNB

Kontonummer - 1503 5678 791
IBAN – NO30 1503 5678 791

VIPPS - 102628



Slemdalsveien 55, 0373 Oslo




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