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The foundation also wants to contribute to the exchange of knowledge, therefore volunteers from the West are welcome to NIAAD and Affirmative Art in Uganda. Stays and forms will vary as needed, and the stay must be of mutual value. In special cases, the foundation will give travel grants to volunteers with in-demand expertise.



The foundation accepts contributions from volunteers who want to support our work. Supporters have the opportunity to follow the money, both through reports and travel. There will be no administrative expenses as the foundation itself covers these me own funds.


A scholarship for a student at NIAAD in Uganda costs around NOK 4000 per year. Schools also need equipment. Students need laptops and all types of art materials including textiles welcome.

Financial support

What do you get back as a contributor?

• Effective use of your contributions - no administration costs

• Traceability, reports that show your contribution to personal and societal development

• Invitation to attend visits where assistance is provided (travel and accommodation are covered personally)

• A network of people with community involvement

• We invite you to a workshop with Affirmative Art

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