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Do you want to contribute to a young person in East Africa being given the opportunity to earn a living? The Art for Change Foundation wants to give young talents in art and design such a chance. This is done by young people with such interests receiving school scholarships. Then they can develop their abilities and they also receive training in finance and business operations. We call it "Adopt a Talent".

Do you want to help a young artist?

We at Stiftelsen Art for Change want to make it easy for you who want to contribute as a private person. Everyone who works here works voluntarily and for free so that your money can reach those who need it. You get your own student who you support with tuition fees. Every year you get back one of the student's works, typically a small painting. You will also receive an update from the student twice during the year where you will find out how he or she is doing.

Become a sponsor

For private individuals

The Art for Change Foundation collaborates with small and large companies. They give tuition to one, and sometimes several young artists / designers.

Become a corporate sponsor

With the support of major sponsors, we are also in the process of transforming the NIAAD Art school in Masaka into a university, the African Institute of Design and Technology (AIDT). If your company is interested in contributing to that work, we would love to hear from you.

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For companies

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