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Om stiftelsen

Art for Change is a global nonprofit. Our vision is to support initiatives that use art and creativity as a means for personal expression and positive change. We bring hope and faith to communities through colorful transformations. We encourage the young generation to reach for their dream future, and build supportive communities across borders.


Art for change foundation was founded in 2015 and is based in Norway with a geographic focus on East Africa, Norway and Eastern Europe. The foundation uses Affirmative Art method to create positive personal and societal change by empowering dreams, transforms towns into colorful artworks and runs an affirmative Kids Club in Kibera, Kenya.


Affirmative Art was born when the founder got disillusioned with foreign aid and faced a personal crisis. He painted his. Desired future time after time, and achieved it. He realized art could be a powerful tool for defining the dream future for individuals and communities. Something the NGOs were not doing because development has to come from the inside and it all starts with a dream.


In Norway and Romania Art for Change foundation uses Affirmative Art and other approaches to motivate students and give them hope for the future.


Your support empowers visions of future generations, one colorful dream at a time!

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