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The Art For Change Foundation uses the Affirmative Art methodology to create positive change.

With a geographic focus on Eastern Africa, Northern and Eastern Europe.


Affirmative Art is an inspiring method in which participants illustrates their personal vision of their future,

and receive the tools on how to achieve it.


Affirmative Art was born in Kenya in 2012, when the founder realised art was a powerful tool for defining the future. He successfully painted a desired future and achieved it, time after time.

It is our wish millions will access this tool to live their dream.


With support from Art For Change Foundation, 300 hundred+ workshops with thousands of participants in the USA, East Africa and Europe have been successfully conducted.

In Addition to Affirmative Art, Art For Change Foundation is the key partner with NIAAD Art Academy in Uganda, AID'T, a new Design and technology University in Uganda and Kibera Kids Club in Kibera, Kenya.


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