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Affirmative Art


If you can define what you want in life, and use this as a guiding tool, there is a greater chance for reaching your goals.  Affirmative Art is a method to identify and illustrate dreams and visions. Either for individuals, groups or companies. Through playing with colours, words and illustrations that represents your goals, that can be used as guide through life.

The process have been utilised in many contexts and gives the participant an opportunity to define a direction.


African institute of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Design (AiTED)

Higher education  in East Africa is often not practical oriented and not adapted to young peoples curiosity and creativity. AiiTED represents a new type of university that focuses on a practical approach, problem solving, interdisciplinary and increased self awareness.This makes  the education substantially more stimulating, exciting and contribute to solve the problems of the future. Art for Change is the key partner in the development of AiTED in Masaka, Uganda. NIAAD will be a part of AiTED in 2019.


Nagenda International School of Art and Design


Many of the students at NIAAD are in a risk of going on social sidetracks, but through the scholarships they are given an opportunity to get an education. The school equips the students with skills and knowledge within art and crafts and make them capable of promoting them selves and selling their own products. They are encouraged to create their own jobs, and follow-up of previous students shows that this is exactly what many of them actually do.

This a way out of poverty.


Donation $30
The funds will contribute towards students, either as a % for scholarship, or provide students with materials, computers, equipment and more.
In return you as a supporter will get a hand painted art card made by students.
 Donation $700
The funds will provide a scholarship for one student for one year. In return you will get one major art work per year. Depending on the course chosen by the student. Either a fine art work or fashion clothing made by students. You will also be welcomed to visit the academy and learn more about the students and artworks. 



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