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Dokcen Julian

Finding my way out through hardships

My happiness when I am on top.
I was born on 1 st October 1996, in Angal, Nebbi town (Uganda). Iam an Artist doing painting as my
career. I started doing art in Primary Seven up to my O’ Level (high school) were I moved on printing
shirts, painting on shirts, shoes and selling them. I was motivated to do art when I met artists like
Joachim from Kenya, Washington Emilliano, Njowa at Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design
(NIAAD). They helped me gain more passion for Art. I am inspired by Jean Micheal Basquiat, Joachim,
the M2 Art Centre.
I do painting most of my time trying to make change in the community (world) with my kiddish way/
Cartoon way of painting, impressing my feeling about people, friends and relatives around me.

I joined NIAAD in 2016, for certificate of Art and Design which I did for two years, the two years has
been good for one, I am proud of NIAAD because I have learned a lot, like a thousand styles and
techniques in painting, won competitions in the school to which I got used with competing with the
outside community like the graffiti challenge and other competitions.
In 2017 still at NIAAD I was exposed to wall branding and I now work for various companies like prime
media, image proggame, asa media, and capital outdoor with many artists from naiad and a lot of artists
in the field that I work with.

Fatumah Hassan

Ugandan Artist

FATUMAH HASSAN, A Ugandan Artist, former student of NIAAD, Fatuma started painting less than 3 years ago. She did a certificate in Art and Design and went ahead to do a Diploma in Fine Art.

She did Sculpture, Painting, Printing making and Drawing, inspired by life and culture of Uganda, and also inspired by the behaviors among the community, love etc.

Fatuma, during her career as an Artist, worked with different Artists and workshops in Central Uganda which greatly added to her success as a female Artist. She worked in different fields, such as The Kampala Marathon as an Exhibitor and also works with Nsenke Art etc.

She focuses on identifying the creativity and beauty in everything God has placed in her life, family and friends.

Fatuma; words                               

“I joined NIAAD (Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design) to study Art and am glad I have achieved my goal because now am able to do different kinds of Art and I have successfully made my own Studio”.

You can follow her on her facebook page: fatish arts


Atwom Benjamin


Born 23 rd October 1996, art has always been a passion sight from childhood though it never occurred to
me that I would persue it as a career. Initially I was more into sciences because my parents wanted that
to be exact. Be it chance or fate, if you will, that led me into this path, I have no regrets whatsoever. I
am currently doing a diploma in fine art at Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design (NIAAD).
That entails painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography. I burn to express myself and to tell other
people’s story.

My experience at NIAAD has been, if anything, life changing. Our society seems to have raised a certain
bar that if you didn’t grow up to become a doctor, lawyer, and an engineer or something of that sort,
then you are not considered to be successful. So art or the arts for that matter are not considered a
“real profession”. Far from it, it is only in this profession that we are privileged to celebrate life, express
society’s feelings and tell other people’s stories. I have learnt a lot while here at Nagenda International
Academy of Art and Design (NIAAD). I have attended exhibitions, workshops. I am grateful.

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Amoding Charity Opolot

fashion student at Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design

My name is Amoding Charity Opolot a fashion student at Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design in my First year. I came up with a gather dress made out of London wax material and black cotton PV. I put a net inside the dress to make it bulky and pop out. I also came up with a shirt made out of London wax material and I used the decorative technique of pockets in black cotton lining.

I also came up with a skirt from the London wax material. I have a passion and will stop at nothing to achieve my goal.


I have and am still having a good experience because the teachers are approachable and its spacious, this makes it easy for us students to approach the teachers when we have failed to make something and we are helped. NIAAD is a great place to be at because you feel at home.

Ahwera Alex

Ugandan artist student of NIAAD

Alex started painting less then 3 years a go and is now doing a Diploma in Fineart, for the second year first semester.
He does painting, sculpture, print making and drawing, inspired by the life and culture of uganda, 
he is also inspired by the fact that there is always too much love to go around.
He focus on identifing the beauty in everything God has placed in his life and the people around him.
The love ,care, support, provision etc. 

Alex words:
i joined N.I.A.A.D with the desire to study art and am glad i have achived my goal.
I would say NIAAD has mentored me to be the best and something am always chasing for.

You can follow him on his facebook page at: AhwerArt, OR contact him at, +256705052000

Nakawesi Josephine

Iam Nakaweesi Josephine from Gayaza Wakiso I was inspired by Madam Ruth Nanyunja because from childhood

I used to see her doing screen printing, tie and dye from different fabrics like cotton of which
she later made garments which really looked beautiful and attractive. So after finishing my A’level I had
that dream of fashion and design of which I started with a certificate and now a diploma from NIAAD.

Experience at NIAAD
I enjoy my lectures of at NIAAD because of good teacher to student ratio. The teachers are always
available to help their students meaning no student can be left out. Before I joined NIAAD seriously I did
not know how to use the sewing machine but all thanks go to my Guardian Mrs. Kayabula Jane plus my
lecturers who have fone a great Job in me. I also thank the almighty God for the gift of life. Long live
NIAAD my institution.

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Nanyobi Jesca

My name is Nanyombi Jesca pursuing a diploma in fashion and design at Nagenda International academy of Art and Design

My inspiration was my mother. she used to design garments on her own without a
teacher. It was only her and her machine where later developed in doing fashopn and design. I also did a
certificate in art and design at Nagenda international Academy of Art and Design. Am so grateful for the

Experience at NIAAD
NIAAD being a small society, it has given me space and time to interact with my lectures. I would like to
thank the almighty God for giving me a good lecturer and a friend Madam Nanyondo Justine. I will
always be grateful because she has made me who I am in fashion today.

Kasanvu Isaac

My name is Kasanvu Isaac born 14/07/1994 a student at Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design doing a Certificate in Art and Design

Currently a student Welfare minister. I want to promote myself and more people should know what I can do with Art. I thank the people who are at my back, Mr. Paul Alitia and Sophia Anna for making it possible for me to have this course.  I was doing some art on my own, I always loved graphics design and always wanted to get good at it, this forced me to go for this course. I am glad to have joined Nagenda international academy of art and Design.


Experience at NIAAD

I have known achieved a lot in Art through the courses I do like Drawing, screen printing, forming in clay painting. I have and still learning a lot from NIAAD, metal casting was very interesting. Being practical is what I think will make me achieve my objective of being an artist and this  is what NIAAD offers.

Joy Mangolopa

My name is Joy Mangolopa from the Democratic republic of Congo North Kivu/ Goma

A student at NIAAD doing fashion and Design, I was inspired by different famous fashion designers like loius Viton, Gucci, DXG, Pradah, …. When I read abput them, they make me love fashion. That’s why I did tailoring
and design in secondary in Goma at Lycée Chemchem where I got my national Certificate in tailoring and
design before I joined NIAAD.

NIAAD is an institution of Art and Design where I am improving my skills. For that I would like to thank
God who brought me here and meet Great people such as friends and my fashion Lecturer Madam
Justine, Thanks for everything.

Peris Omondi

Determined person with a passion for art/ speaker at NIAAD

A determined person with a passion for art, a guild speaker at NIAAD, a leader of Art – hi fussion group Athi – river Kenya. I have been part of organizing art exhibition the first of its kind in my community, which was show cased on a TV programme Arttitude Channel 254. I have organized a workshop with Affirmative arts for my group and the youth’s in my community.



My experience at NIAAD so far being a year one semester one student has been very good. I came to NIAAD but as of now I have learned a lot in both fields. I have learned how to balance color in designing, how to tone and tint my painting and sketches, how to design wedding cards, books e.t.c. using hand drawn sketches and Computer design Applications. I have learned how to make figures with clay, metal casting through a lecture from Mr. Erik Blome. Thank you Erik It has been an awesome experience.

All that I have learned has gone a long way in boosting my moral and confidence as a talented Art student. NIAAD has and still is a home away from home; students are friendly therefore making it easy to make friends.

Annet Nalubwama

Fashion designer student at NIAAD

I am Annet Nalubwama from Mattuga Wakiso district. I was inspired a friend of mine Annet Nakayiza
who was good at fashion design she used to teach as she was earning money. The joy of seeing all her
achievement created love for fashion design to me. I then seeked education in the fashion design to me.
I then seeked for education in the fashion design field. I did a course in Ethics and Development studies
at Nkozi University after which I worked with the women voluntary organization but later decided to do
a fashion design at NIAAD. I am grateful for the opportunity.

NIAAD is scholarly a nice institute of Art and Design courses. So I treasure the techniques and
knowledge. I have acquired from Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design especially my
programme of Fashion and Design
I thank my lecturers for having helped me guide me and encourage me to become someone in fashion
and design.
Thank you lord Jesus.

Otim Emiliano Washington

Experimental artist

Iam an experimental artist who loves to use various mediums such as charcoal crystals, paints, threats, jeans, newspaper and so many other materials to create pieces of art in line with objective abstraction concept. I paint everyday struggles, hardships, and the pain we have to bare in our relationships with our partners, friends, family and our leadership.

In my paintings I aim putting awareness to the public on how we can arrive to a possible solution to the common problems we face in our relationships either with a partner, family, friends or relatives for a better world.


My Experience at NIAAD – Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design

I joined NIAAD in 2014 for the two year certificate program in Art and Design. After completion, I upgraded for a 2 year Diploma in Fine Art. I will graduate in 2018. My stay at Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design motivated me to look for materials outside the box where I do not need to have a large budget to do my artwork. NIAAD has helped me to connect with various organizations including Bayimba Foundations that organizes events to promote and publish performing and visual artists to explore their work further.

I have worked with Bayimba Foundation for two years now as a volunteer where I met and networked with artists from around the world. I also interned with Harnessing talent Uganda and learned a lot. At NIAAD, I also got the opportunity to be a vice guild president for the students body during the school year 2016 – 2017. As vice Guild, I advocated for the students welfare and improved leadership and communication skills.

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